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Main House

The main house features a modest look and a thatched roof. The west wing has a shoe-removing stone (kutsunugi-ishi), a platform step (shiki-dai) used as an entrance space, and an anteroom and reception room, each of which has 6-tatami mats. The rooms are aligned from east to west and there is a veranda on the south side.



‘Taigaku Bunko'(exhibit room)
Designated as a national cultural heritage site in 2007

This small concrete building was built in 1928 as a museum and storage space for Tomomi Iwakura’s important artifacts, including archival materials about the Meiji Restoration. The architecture was designed by Kyoto University professor Goichi Takeda, a prominent architect at that time who also designed the main building for Kyoto City Hall. Articles connected to Tomomi Iwakura are exhibited here, but 1,018 documents designated as national Important Cultural Properties and 109 documents designated as Tangible Cultural Properties by Kyoto City are housed at the Kyoto City Library of Historical Documents. (Teramachi, Marutamachi, Kamigyo-ku. TEL: 075-241-4312).


Memorial monument containing Tomomi Iwakura’s hair


This memorial monument is located on the east side of the main house.
It contains a lock of hair Tomomi Iwakura’s hair and also includes a stone monument to his wife, Makiko. To the north, there are also monuments to their two sons, Tomosada and Tomotsune.