About Designated as a National Historic Site:
The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura

Tomomi Iwakura was an prominent politician of the Bakumatsu and Meiji Period. He was a large influence during the Meiji Restoration when a strong effort to restore the Imperial government occurred. He was born in 1825 as the second son of a low-ranking courtier and nobleman, Yasuchika Hirikawa. In 1838, he was adopted by another nobleman, Tomoyasu Iwakura. Then in 1854 be became a chamberlain to Emperor Komei, and gradually became a prominent figure of influence within the Imperial Court. He supported the alliance of the Court and the Shogunate through a policy centered around the marital union of Emperor Komei's younger sister with one of the subjects, Kazu-no-miya. By promoting this union, he was seen as a leading figure in the Sabaku-ha (supporters of the Shogun) by the Sonno Joi faction (those who advocated reverence for the Emperor and expulsion of foreigners). In 1862 during the height of the Joi Movement, Tomomi Iwakurwa removed himself from the government and political circle and entered priesthood. He lived a quiet and secluded life in this residence located in Iwakura Village in the Rakuhoku area till 1867.

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Iwakura Tomomi:
One of the Ten Heroes of the Meiji Restoration

Iwakura Tomomi was a nobleman and politician active during Japan's transition toward becoming a modern nation during the late nineteenth century.

About Iwakura Tomomi

Iwakura Tomomi

Sights at The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura

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Since our establishment in 1848, we have been a dedicated garden craftsmen company in Kyoto and fostered the garden areas of the headquarters of Nanzen-ji Temple. We engage in fostering management and garden creation for culturally valuable gardens such as Nanzen-ji Temple, Hongan-ji Temple, and Chishaku-in which are designated as places of historic importance and places of scenic beauty, as well as other villa gardens in the Nanzen-ji neighborhood starting with Murin-an. In recent years, we are the desingd by Kyoto Prefecture, under the management of public parks as the designated administrator system to manage and operate Keihanna Commemorative Park. We strive to incorporate the field work, research, and administrative aspects of landscape gardening.




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In accordance with revisions made to the Ordinance for Kyoto City's Areas, the Entry fee for "The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura" will be raised to 400 yen starting on October 1, 2019.


The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura
100 Agura-cho, Iwakura, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0017
TEL & FAX: +81-75-781-7984 (from abroad)
TEL & FAX: 075-781-7984 (within Japan)


Car: there is no parking lot nearby. Please use the parking lot at the Kyoto International Conference Center (fee), then use the Kyoto Bus.

Subway: take the Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line and get off at the Kyoto International Conference Center. Transfer to the Kyoto Bus #24 and get-off at the final stop "Iwakura Jissoin" then walk south 3 minutes.

Hankyu/Keihan Railway: from the Hankyu Railway "Kawaramachi Station," Keihan Railway "Sanjo Station," or "Demachiyanagi Station" please take the Kyoto Bus #21 or #23 and get-off at the last stop "Iwakura Jissoin," then walk south 3 minutes.

Eizan Railway: from the Eizan Railway "Iwakura Station" walk about 1.4km north (approx. 20 minutes) or take the Kyoto Bus #21, #23, #24 and get-off at "Iwakura Jissoin," then walk south 3 minutes.

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